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Powerful Metadata Manager for TV and Radios


SaaS Software to manage your metadatas and contents.

Rest API

Developers tools to build your apps and websites.


Expose all your contents (covers, shows, podcasts...)

Succeed with Mooov Digital

What's in the box ?

Mooov Digital provides a complete package to centralize and manage metatadas for your radios and TV's stations.

It includes multiple features and components ready-to-use, interfaces, social connectors and many more... Moov Digital is an amazing SaaS taking your apps to the next level !


Mooov backstage is a web app allowing stations, contents, cover and management, also Program Director tools.

On Air Features

Manage your shows, schedules, podcasts, music library...

Third Party

We are providing powerfull interfaces with Twitter, Spotify, Music Story, even RCS GSelector and Zetta.

Rest API

Design your apps and websites fully integrated with the API, and provides more than expected to your audience.

Let's talk about features

Get access to a ton of features out of the box

First class support

Need a support or extra infos ? Any ideas about new features ? Feel free to ask and contact us.


Configure all your stations from a single interface and manage your adds by yourself.


Our Spotify interface is allowing new workflows for your programs and import or export playlists...

On-Air Contents

Centralize all your contents like your timeline, radioshows, podcasts, top tracks, top artists...


Create engagement with your audience, notify the artists when playing their songs or schedule random tweets.


Be sure that the metadatas displayed in your apps including cover are the correct one.

Designed for TV's and radios

We are proud to provides you a bunch of tools

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Third party integration

We use the latest trends because you deserve better

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